Welcome to my homeopathic practice offering treatment for children and adults. Homeopathy is a gentle, safe and natural medicine which perceives and treats the person as a whole entity, aiming to restore health on all levels- mental emotional and physical. Homeopathy can treat successfully both acute and chronic conditions by getting to the root of the disturbance or illness, rather than simply treating the symptoms. That is when true cure takes place.
I was introduced to the world of homeopathy when my oldest son was suffering from
a respiratory disease at a very young age. Homeopathy is what cured him.
I was so relieved and fascinated that I decided to pursue homeopathy professionally
and help others find their path to true health.
It was a natural continuation of my previous profession as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.
In the last few years I have experienced how homeopathy can change people's lives
and my wish is for everyone to experience this kind of transformation.
My clinic is located in Mountain View and I practice homeopathy in both English and Hebrew.

Neta Benhorin, Classical Homeopathy
650.223.3310 contact@netahomeopathy.com